PC Locked By Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus Asking For £50/£100? How To Remove?

Blocked by Ukash virus Scam?

Metropolitan Police Virus (alias Metropolitan Police Ukash) is a fake Metropolitan Police. We are sadly to tell you that Metropolitan Police Virus is spreading worldwide and currently with different versions in different languages. Fake Metropolitan Police was found in England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal,Netherland, Canada and other countries. Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus effects Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 both in normal mode and safe mode with networking. Once hijacked by Metropolitan Police Virus, then your PC was taken over by a scam notice headed Metropolitan Police Illegal Activity. Your screen says your PC has been blocked by the Met Police until you pay 50 pounds or 100 pounds by Ukash. Have tried opening in various safe modes but cannot access task manager or registry. With the Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus you cant do anything on the infected computer, it just has the payment screen on the infected one, the only thing you can do on it is ctrl,alt,delete. Your computer can be blocked by Metropolitan Police Virus when you are watching video on fackbook, youtube, porn sites or when you are playing games online. Metropolitan Police can also cause google redirect problems. Its a page supposedly by the met police saying its shut down the pc due to serious natures ets but asking us to pay 50 pounds( £50) or 100 pounds( £100) to take it off, so wanna to unlock your PC, people did want to know how can i pay by email to avoid metropolitan ukash locking my computer in uk? Actually, Metropolitan Police Ukash is not a legit thing but a scam. It looks genuine, there is even the New Scotlandyard insignia in the email, but there are no contacts adreses or phones. So don’t trust Metropolitan Police Ukash, and please take an effective way to unlock your computer and get rid of fake Metropolitan Police Virus completely.

Metropolitan Police Virus ScreenShot

New Fake Metropolitan Police Virus ScreenShot

How do i get rid of Metropolitan Ukash Virus permanently?
Need help removing Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus locked your computer? Metropolitan Police malware is definetely a tricky virus, when log on my computer you get a metroplitan police thing saying i need to pay 100 pounds. Yes, it is really annoying, many computer users have just encountered an issue with their laptops or desktops , it has been locked by some police virus. Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus also can cause the usage of CPU up to 100%, making your computer shutdown or freezing up every in a minute. PC locked copyright infringement met police the problem is unique though, because you can not see all of the infected laptop screen, as it is cracked… What is the name of the metropolitan police ukash virus process ctrl alt del? How can i remove Metropolitan Police malware easily and safely? Is there anyway to do it without wiping your computer? You will need to kill the pesky virus manually and with the helpful tools.

If you still can run your Antivirus software, then apply a full virus scanner in Windows Safe Mode to remove Metropolitan Police Ukash scamware, to then try to fix other Internet Explorer errors.

To Remove Ukash trojan, first please stop and kill its processes.
Before you start to fix fake Police issue, please get in Safe Mode with Command Prompt(Under Safe Mode with Networking)

When you are in the Safe Mode with Command Prompt, please use some DOS Commands to kill its process from task manager. Next delete Metropolitan Police Ukash virus from startup. Now please delete some *.exe files associated with Rogue Police Ukash Virus from this directory C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming.
Well, after you have done steps above, please restart your computer and get in normal mode then follow the video guide below to completely eliminate Metropolitan Police fake alert from registry entry.

To Remove Police Ukash Virus, you need to diagnose and take a full scan on your PC. If you haven’t installed any anti-spyware security software or it had just disabled by Metropolitan Police Virus. Then here”””http://www.windowsupdatesonline.com/download-tools.php?id=3″”” you can get one anti-virus solution downloaded and installed in your system and run as Administrator to clean fake warning alert

Please rember to remove any item related to Metropolitan Police Ukash rogueware to avoid this devil coming back asking for £50 or asking for £100 again. Still if you still scare you can get instant help from PC Experts 24/7 online for help.

(My View)-This happened to me about 3 hours ago and almost shit myself
1,it looks real
2,i do not have any criminal activity on my computer be it childporn,terrorism or other,so i though the police was playing their usual stitch up an innocent guy to….you know bully and other shit what they DO
but my suspicion was alerted because they “POLICE” were asking for money to unlock my computer

so i researched after regaining my pc back…….btw in some cases deletes everything……so all my songs,videos…..everything……..all gone
anyway this has spread world wide so i am sharing this with you
if you have such a warning…….relax! i am here and have the fix

21 thoughts on “PC Locked By Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus Asking For £50/£100? How To Remove?

  1. omg hunny thank you so much for all this warning and how to remove it. i do have norton on my laptop as well. i am so sorry that this has happened to you. I hope you got you pc fixed now. i will be very careful and watch for the warning signs. i will watch for your follow up and updates on this. xxxxxxx

  2. If your having trouble,type’Ukash help’into google and pchelp will help…….
    i did i hard format with mine but you don;t have to delete anything just go into safe mode….and follow instructions either on the site(pchelp site) or you can see the video on youtube…and you can see it all done :) hope this helps

  3. it would be prudent for someone to add a proper fix for this issue instead of bitching about it!

  4. Thank you so much for that link. It’s all fixed and working now!

    Much appreciated.

  5. Thank you so much for that link. It’s all fixed and working now!
    Much appreciated.

  6. If you were standing in front of me; i would offer to shake your hand with BOTH of my hands.
    Thank you – your advise helped e to get my computer restored.
    Thank you.

  7. Just helping my fellow man or woman:)
    i am glad i could help
    please subscribe as i am sure i will help others again if and when a new attack/s ect accure!

  8. I’ve just got the virus today, after hours of figuring out what to do, I cAme across this site, when I try to acces safe mode with command prompts it loads up until it gets to CLASSPNP.SYS then freezes, any help at this point would be nice

  9. I just could not leave your site prior to suggesting that I extremely loved the usual information an individual provide to your guests? Is gonna be back regularly in order to inspect new posts

  10. Thank you Soo much, the ukash thing just popped up on my screen, got the shock of my life, luckily I came on this website on my phone and was able to fix my computer. Thank you so much,!!

  11. Glad someone has written answers to this. I work as a PC engineer and the amount of times I have had people coming to me with this problem, telephoning me, etc is unreal. I have had people contacting me in a panic saying “The police have blocked my computer for illegal activity and want £100 to unlock it and I will be arrested and, and, and”. Firstly, the police would NEVER say “We will unlock your computer that you have been using for illegal activity (considering on the virus screen, it mentions the possibility of child pornography) if that were the case, they would simply come to your door and you would be arrested, you computer would be seized and you would be imprisoned.

    Good answer from the poster here :)

  12. Another trick is click’Search’ look in ‘My Computer’
    type in .exe (on the date and time the virus hit) and delete the new .exe file/s that it creates,virus scanners can NOT detect it…

  13. Thank goodness I spotted your answer from Google as I was crapping myself with my trainers on and heading to the shop for a voucher worth £100.00 so turned round and tried sorting laptop out and managed a full scan in safe mode but my question is now done full scan my kaspersky says my system is safe but I can’t see anything in search that relates to the scam so am I safe or is there any files that might be somewhere. Oh and thakyou very much for help.

  14. hi i m facing same problm frm this morning i tried tovstart in safe miod with networking but its not working can anyone help?m using windws xp

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